Champion Equipment Company manufactures a wide array of custom-coring tools and grab buckets capable of performing in even the most challenging rock conditions. Each coring barrel is customized for use with specific equipment and in specific conditions. This prevents misalignment of rock tool teeth, which can dramatically reduce both performance and efficiency.


coring-barrels-smallHeavy-Duty Coring Barrels

Champion’s heavy-duty core barrels feature our patented flat, conical teeth that are inset into a solid ring, which minimizes the risk of break-off.

Expansion Reamer Blades

We also offer a broad range of bucket expansion reamers, which can be incorporated into auger buckets to facilitate cutting holes larger in diameter than the actual bucket size. The expandable reamer blades can be manufactured to swing-out or slide-out, depending on the specific needs of the drilling application. Reamers are available for bucket sizes from 24in – 60in (60cm – 152 cm) and can be customized with any type of cutter bit required for the job.

Flat Cutter Coring Barrel

Our flat cutter core barrel uses tungsten carbide teeth to cut a kerf of only ¾in (1.9cm). It is ideal for use in soft rock formations.

Rotating Carbide Tooth Coring Barrel

Our rotating carbide tooth core barrel is ideal for harder rock, where teeth are subjected to high-shock loading.