4 Questions to Ask When Designing Your Customized Auger

If you are in construction, inevitably, you will be digging. Deep, solid foundations are, well, the foundation of good construction. And as we like to say  All holes are not created equal.

Before you drill, there are questions that must be answered. You need to determine:

  • The diameter of the hole(s) you are making
  • The angle you’re drilling
  • Whether you’re moving through soft soil, clay or rock, or everything in between
  • The surrounding drilling environment

Once you know the answers to these questions, you can start to determine the type of drilling tools that you need. If you decide an auger is the right tool for the job, Champion can help you choose the drilling technique that’s right for your worksite.
These decisions can be confounding without good data. Champion Equipment Company has collaborated with customers for more than five decades, excavating in a wide variety of soil conditions. Our experienced team of engineers and geologists help customers choose the ideal auger for any application. We custom design our augers to fit the job, and can create specialized augers for almost every imaginable purpose. These custom augers don’t risk downtime, which is often caused by tools that don’t match ground conditions. And, they provided added productivity and efficiency.
Our experts also have experience with slurry or water, deep foundations, and oil and gas applications, which of course offer their own sets of challenges. Champion can customize the perfect auger for any job.

Come see us at ConExpo, Gold Lot G-4771. We’ll help you start on your next project with the firm foundation you need.

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