A number of new drilling systems have gained popularity over the past decade. Champion Equipment Company manufactures tools for these new technologies—including displacement pile and continuous flight auger drilling systems.

When ordering augers, please specify the specific configuration for your application:

  • Auger Cut Diameter
  • Flight Pitch
  • Thickness of Bottom Flight
  • Overall Length of Auger
  • Stem Size and Material Specs
  • Type and Size of Box
  • Type of Cutter Head and Teeth
  • Whether Hardfaced or Not
  • Right- or Left-handed

Continuous Flight Augers (CFA)flight-augers-pic

Designed to withstand the high torques produced by modern drill rigs, Champion Equipment Company’s continuous flight augers (CFA) are available in diameters that fit any specified casing. We pay special attention to the design of the connector and connector fittings to make sure that the auger strength is consistent with the strength of the drill rig stem. Our continuous flight auger heads are available with a choice of conventional or conical carbide bits, or a combination of both. Square or hexagonal connectors are also available upon request.

displacement-imagesDisplacement Tools

Champion has been building tools for the displacement pile drilling technology for many years and has experience with optimizing the tools for your particular ground conditions. Tools and drill string of up to 24 inches and 50 ton meters torque may be applied.