Specialized Equipment and Supplies

Champion Equipment Company has been engineering and fabricating specialized equipment for the ground improvement industry for 60 years. In addition to the products featured on our website, our engineers and geologists can work directly with you to design custom tools. Simply give us a call and let us design your custom vision!

belling-toolsBelling Tools or Under Reamer

Belling buckets are used to increase the size of the pile, thereby increasing the bearing capacity or uplift capacity. Cutting arms with teeth are opened mechanically by applying vertical force with the kelly bar onto the opening mechanism of the belling bucket. Available in sizes up to 20 feet (6 m) in diameter.

champ-kelly-barsChampion Kelly Bars and Extensions

Champion Kelly bars are made in single, double, or triple telescoping types, in square or round cross-sections or combination or both. They are also made in different alloys, heat treat conditions, and in many sizes and lengths.

sectional-casting-picSectional Casing

Sectional casing is available with either lightweight or heavy duty watertight casing. Lightweight casing is for loose, dry soil, typically at the surface of a hole.

Champion’s heavy-duty sectional casing uses Leffer joints and is used with top-drive rotary rigs or with a casing oscillator and rotator. Sectional casing is available in diameters up to 12 feet (3.6 m).

tremie-pipesTremie Pipes and Racks

Tremie pipes, used for placing concrete below water level, are available in various sizes. Accompanying racks are also available, to stock pipes and make it easy to move from one jobsite to another.

Soil Mixing Toolssoil-mixing-tool

Champion makes a suite of soil mixing tools that mix the soil and inject grout in-situ.