Bucket Tools

Champion Equipment Company manufactures a full range of drilling buckets that offer high performance and reliability in coarse-grained soil and rock. Our buckets are made from flat plate, which we form into a unique, pitched-bucket bottom. This allows for smoother material flow into the bucket and larger openings than comparable drilling tools on the market. Digging is accomplished by the bucket bottom, as well as the teeth.

In addition to our pitched-bottom buckets, we also manufacture a full range of spin-bottom and spin-bottom clean-out drilling buckets. All buckets are available in diameters ranging from 16in – 144 in (40cm – 365cm); with either manual or automatic dumping.

Customizable Drilling Buckets - Champion Equipment Co

Buckets can be engineered to meet the unique needs of specific applications. Customizable design attributes include:

  • Thickness and length of shell
  • Thickness of bottom
  • Type and size of box
  • Type of teeth
  • Flaps or not
  • Reamers or not

Pitched Bottom Drilling Bucket


Champion’s pitched-bottom drilling bucket is the most aggressive drilling bucket on the market and is ideal for use in hard soil, cobbles, and large-diameter rock. The pitched-bottom bucket augers are made from flat plate formed into Champion’s unique pitched-bottom shape. The design closely resembles the tip of a metalworking drill bit and improves material flow into the bucket, thus allowing for maximum productivity. The buckets are available in sizes up to 12ft (3.65m) in diameter with manual or automatic dumping.

Spin-Bottom Drilling Bucketspin-bottom-drilling-bucket-small

The spin-bottom drilling bucket is available in either single or double opening. The bucket’s unique design provides full containment and closes tightly to ensure that all spoils can be transferred to the surface.

Spin-Bottom Clean Out Bucketspin-bottom-cleanout-bucket-small3

The spin-bottom clean out bucket is a new tool for cleaning the bottoms of wet or dry shafts. With this design, the drill rig operator can always be certain whether the spin bottom is closed or open, this way there is no chance of spilling spoils back into the slurry.

Grab Bucketgrab-bucket-pic-161017-58050a8eddbb4

Champion’s levered, grab bucket allows the drill rig operator to remove very large boulders from the hole.


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